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Jan 16, 2013 7:30am EST
theories, i'll just leave it out there. i think in part, i think, actually, the oas and democratic defense is now just too, it's become wrapped around the axle of polarization, of ideological debates. i think the one thing we can take away from this whole situation is that bullies win. as much as we believe -- i mean, chavez is nothing more than -- [speaking spanish] i mean, he just can, basically, call people out and humiliate them and bash them, and it does manage to intimidate governments and leaders and multilateral institutions. and i think that's the problem. and i think, you know, we all fear what could happen, but, you know, even if -- i'm not, i don't think the multilateral community or the united states or anyone should have called what happened -- [inaudible] but the fact that no one actually dared any questions about the levels of polarization in venezuela, what this meant for respect for the letter, if not certainly the spirit of the constitution, on what this meant for the potential for conflict, um, was i think very sad. and worse, this is a government that is very good -- [
Jan 17, 2013 6:00am EST
defense, domestic spending and the economy. to make sense of this all, we have senators kent conrad and judd gregg, both of whom served on the president's bipartisan commission, and both of whom are among the most respected thought leaders from their respective parties on the federal budget. let's play the video to learn more. ♪ ♪ >> in the wake of the fiscal cliff, the nation is now anticipating more questions and more partisan battles as we prepare for the next round of debates over entitlements, taxes, sequestration and the federal spending limit as we approach several mini cliffs in the coming months. for their support of today's program, leading authorities would like to thank our co-host, the u.s. chamber of commerce, and our sponsors, bdo, ceo update and the broadmoor. our speakers today both exclusively remitted by leading authorities -- represented by leading authorities are senators kent conrad and judd greg. senator conrad was part of the bipartisan gang of six and was named as one of "time "'s ten west senators. paul ryan said there is no democrat who knows the budge
Jan 15, 2013 6:00am EST
is entirely defensible. >> would you yield? >> the gentleman has not been recognized. the gentleman will -- has not been recognized. [inaudible] >> i would you say to the gentleman, his work is about being held to a different standard or absolutely compelling. i think of my friend from massachusetts every time -- i think i can often be the most frustrating and unconscionable of all. i want you to know from the deep south we are not beneficiaries in metro atlanta disaster funding. we hold your needs and the highest. >> i can say, and i'm sure i can't speak for the new york delegation, but governor crist has made a commitment. he's not, for this when he's going to make sure this money is well spent. none of it is wasted. much of the community, money will be going to the economic development authority. it's all going to be vetted. i think it will be very well taken care of. >> i yield back. >> i have an item to submit for the record, without objection. december 7, 2012 letter from -- [inaudible] >> and this is in reference to not the current -- mr. rodgers testimony who said the admini
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
accomplish that you have to look at every part of the budget. you have to look at defense spending, you have to clearly -- and focus on -- look at health care costs which are growing faster than the economy. we have to fix our social security system which makes promises that are bigger than what we can, that we can pay out down the road. we have to raise revenues. we've started down that path, but what we haven't done is look at how to do it while overhauling the tax system which when you want to raise revenues, you can do it in a way that's bad or good for the economy. it helps competitiveness and modernizes our tax system. so we kind of know what the answers are. we're going to fight about the specifics of all of them, but we know what a big deal that would fix the problem would look like. but we don't know at what point the political system is going to be willing to make all those choices which are are difficult, compromise on both sides and put this issue to rest so we can go back to fighting about all the other things that we're going to fought about. but i think the fact that
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4